5 Reasons You Should Look Forward to Going Through Menopause

By: Dr. Carrie Giordano


Yes, I said reasons you should look forward to menopause. I realize most women do not look forward to this time in their life...mostly because of all the unwelcome symptoms that come with menopause. Who wants to deal with hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, and thinning hair – no thank you!! Let’s see if we can remove some of the stigmas that surround menopause and focus on some of the positives.


There's a reason this is Number One on the list! Menopause means that your menstrual cycle is over. This is a cause for celebration for many women. You can save your money from buying tampons or pads for yourself and you no longer need to make sure you have backups in your bag at all times. For some women menstrual cramping can be severe or they experience such heavy bleeding that they choose to stay home for the day. For the women that have those experiences, it will more than likely be a welcomed change. #wearWHITEanytime

2. Goodbye PMS

Generally, one week or two before your period, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can bring physical and emotional symptoms such as breast tenderness, headache, pain, food cravings, and irritability. During perimenopause, you may see PMS worsen temporarily as estrogen levels rise and fall. All the more reason to say bye-bye to PMS with menopause!

3. The End of Hormonal Headaches

Women are affected my migraines three times more often than men and about 70% of these women have menstrual migraines - headaches that can coincide with ovulation and menstruation. With the normal menstrual cycle, flucuations in estrogen and progesterone may trigger menstrual migraines. Since after menopause these hormone levels decrease, the number of headaches typically decrease as well,

4. Sex without the Worry of Pregnancy

Women in menopause can enjoy sex without having to think about a possible pregnancy.
Some women even find that because they no longer have to worry about the unanticipated outcome of sex, they can actually enjoy it more once they reach menopause. #byebyebirthcontrol

5. Fibroids start to Shrink

Fibroids are uterine tumors that are almost always benign. They grow during time of high or flucuating estrogen levels like pregnancy and perimenopause. Some women have fibroids that can cause heavy bleeding and pain, thus causing disruption to daily life and require medical or surgical treatment. The good news is that fibroids stop growing and often shrink once women reache menopause and estrogen levels decline. This can be a huge relief for those women dealing with the discomfort of these common growths.

If you find yourself still struggling with the symptoms of menopause, please consult with your gynecologist. Dr. Giordano enjoys helping women make the best decisions about their health during every stage of life.

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